Add a Kubernetes cluster

PDS supports Vanilla Kubernetes, AWS EKS and Auzure AKS.


Prepare your cluster for installation

  1. In the SettingsDeployment Targets page → select the Add Deployment Target button.

  2. From the How to Add Deployment Targets window, copy the helm install command and paste it into a secure text editor.

    add deployment target dialog box

    NOTE: Do not modify the helm install command.

Wait for the PDS agent to register the new deployment target in the control plane. Once successful, the status will show as a green check mark.

Prepare namespaces for deployment

After adding a target cluster to PDS, you must make any namespaces you intend to use with PDS available to it. Perform this task for each namespace you want to create and add:

  1. Create a NAMESPACE environment variable with the namespace you want to create or add:

    export NAMESPACE=docs-test
  2. Create the namespace, if it does not exist:

    kubectl create namespace $NAMESPACE
  3. Label the namespace:

    kubectl label namespaces $NAMESPACE --overwrite=true

Once successful, the No namespaces available error message will disappear.

Disconnected deployment target

If a deployment target registration is unsuccessful, then the status will show as Disconnected. A deployment target becomes disconnected due to one or a combination of the following reasons:

  • If Portworx is not installed, then the PDS agent fails to start.
  • PDS agent fails to connect to the control plane.
  • PDS agent fails to register the target cluster.
  • Teleport agent fails to start.
  • Teleport agent fails to connect to the control plane.
  • Teleport agent fails to register the target cluster.
  • Teleport agent fails to establish a secure reverse tunnel.

View the deployment target health

Run the following commands to learn more about the healthiness of a target cluster deployment:

Learn more about the PDS agent deployment

  • Describe PDS Agent deployment:

    kubectl describe deployment/pds-agent -n pds-system
  • Check logs of PDS agent:

    kubectl logs deployment/pds-agent -n pds-system

Learn more about the Teleport deployment

  • Describe Teleport deployment:

    kubectl describe deployment/pds-teleport -n pds-system
  • Check logs of Teleport:

    kubectl logs deployment/pds-teleport -n pds-system
TIP: In the Settings -> Deployment Targets page, you can select any Disconnected deployment target to view the reasons for a cluster getting disconnected:

disconnected cluster reasons window

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