Add a Kubernetes cluster

PDS supports Vanilla Kubernetes, AWS EKS and Auzure AKS.


Prepare your cluster for installation

  1. Copy the helm install command provided on the Add Deployment Target dialog box and paste it into a secure text editor.

    add deployment target dialog box
Do not modify the helm install command.

Wait for the PDS agent to register the new deployment target in the control plane. Once successful, the status will show as a green check mark.

Prepare namespaces for deployment

Once you’ve added a target cluster to PDS, you must make any namespaces you intend to use with PDS available to it. Perform this task for each namespace you want to create and add:

  1. Create a NAMESPACE env var with the namespace you want to create or add:

    export NAMESPACE=docs-test
  2. Create the namespace if it doesn’t already exist:

    kubectl create namespace $NAMESPACE
  3. Label the namespace:

    kubectl label namespaces $NAMESPACE --overwrite=true

Once successful, the No namespaces available error message will disappear.

Last edited: Thursday, May 26, 2022