Upgrade PDS system on a target Kubernetes cluster

This topic provides the procedure to upgrade all PDS components that run on a target Kubernetes cluster using helm.


  • PDS account Admin privileges

  • A supported Kubernetes cluster with PDS installed on it.

  • Helm version 3.2.0 and above

To upgrade PDS system:

  1. Select SettingsDeployment Targets.

  2. In the Deployment Targets page → in the deployed cluster that you want to upgrade, select the Upgrade button (under the HELM VERSION column):

    upgrade deployment button
    When you hover over the Upgrade button, PDS displays the most recent Helm version available for upgrade.
  3. In the How to Add Deployment Targets window, copy the available helm upgrade …​ command, which depends on your Kubernetes platform.

  4. Run the helm upgrade …​ command.

The Upgrade button is also visible for unhealthy clusters. Upgrading an unhealthy cluster using the Helm upgrade command may not fix or make the cluster healthy.

Last edited: Thursday, Aug 18, 2022