Portworx Data Services (PDS) uses a shared responsibility model for security. This means that Portworx secures certain components, but you must ensure the security of other components:

  • Portworx secures the SaaS portion of PDS known as the control plane.

  • You must secure components in the data plane.

Secure the data plane

You’re responsible for securing the following components in the data plane:

  • Target clusters: You provide the Kubernetes target clusters and are responsible for keeping them secure and up to date.

  • Backup targets: You provide the object stores used as backup targets and are responsible for keeping them secure.

  • Data service deployments: Portworx deploys certain components onto your target cluster, but ensures the integrity of these components when they’re deployed. Specifically, Portworx deploys the following:

    • Docker images

    • Operators and agents Portworx that manage your applications

Control access to data services

When PDS deploys a data service to your cluster, it creates an initial set of credentials. You are responsible for managing access to the data service from this point, including adding more users.

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