Delete a data service

When you want to remove your data service from your deployment target, you must remove it from PDS and delete the storage volumes from your cluster.

WARNING: You cannot undo this action.


  • A running data service

  • Client access to the cluster you want to delete the data service from

Remove the data service from PDS

  1. From the deployments page, select the data service type you want to delete.

  2. From the list of deployed data services, identify the specific data service you want to delete.

  3. Select the vertical ellipsis menu icon, then Delete.

    TIP: You can also select the deployed data service you want to delete, and then from the deployment dashoboard, select the vertical ellipsis menu icon next to Edit and select Delete.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Delete Deployed Service dialog box, and select Delete Permanently to delete the data service from PDS.

Once completed, PDS stops the data service and deletes the deployment information from the target cluster. Proceed to the next step to remove storage volumes.

Delete the storage volumes

  1. Connect to your deployment target.

  2. Find your volumes under the namespace you associated with PDS.

    pxctl volume list
  3. Using pxctl, delete the volumes.

    pxctl volume delete <volume-name>

Last edited: Thursday, Dec 1, 2022