Manage or edit a data service

Once deployed, you may find that your needs outgrow your initial data service deployment. You can manage your deployed data services in the following ways:

  • Increase node count

  • Update resource configurations:

    • Storage options

    • Application configurations

    • Backup policies

    • CPU

    • Memory


  • You cannot decrease a node count once increased.

  • You cannot roll back a version once upgraded.


  • A deployed data service


  1. From the Deployments page, select the data service type you wish to edit.

  2. Find the specific data service you wish to edit from the list and select it.

  3. From the dashboard page, select the Edit button.

  4. In the Edit Deployment dialog box, specify new deployment configuration parameters.

  5. Select the Apply button.

NOTE: When you update the deployment specifications of a data service, PDS automatically updates the deployed pods. This update can cause a failover in the existing client connections for a few seconds.
However, all connection-ready database clients in PDS should be prepared to handle such connection failovers, and all clients should successfully reconnect without issues.

Last edited: Thursday, Dec 1, 2022