Update a data service

PDS automates the process of updating data services. In most cases, the update process is non-disruptive. When applying an update, nodes are restarted one at a time, so that the data service remains available to serve clients.

PDS allows the following types of updates to update a data service with a single-click:

  • Direct updates provided by the developers of a data service. These updates address security vulnerabilities, bugs, or to provide new features. These updates result in a new version (major, minor, or patch). PDS currently allows in-place updates of minor and patch versions.

  • Sometimes, Portworx updates the code itself. For example, to add a new functionality within PDS. These updates result in new data service builds, without changing the version number.

NOTE: When you update the deployment specifications of a data service, PDS automatically updates the deployed pods. This update can cause a failover in the existing client connections for a few seconds.
However, all connection-ready database clients in PDS should be prepared to handle such connection failovers, and all clients should successfully reconnect without issues.


You can update a data service in one of the following ways:

  • one-click update

  • using advanced settings

One-click update

In the list of Deployments page, the update available icon appears in the VERSION column of a data service when there is a newer version available for update:

Update data service icon

To update a data service from the list of Deployments page:

  1. Select the data service you want to update.

  2. In the Deployment details page that appears, select the Update icon:

  3. In the Update window, select Update:

    Update data service window

    The data service is updated to the latest build or a version. For example:

    • If the PostgreSQL deployment is version 14.4 and a newer build is available, then PDS will update to a newer build of version 14.4.

    • If the PostgreSQL deployment is the latest build of version 14.4 and a newer compatible version is available, then PDS will update to the latest minor version. For example, version 14.5.

Advanced settings

You can perform the advanced update procedure, if you want to select a specific build or version of a data service using the Enable advanced settings in the Deploy window.
For example, if your current deployment is PostgreSQL version 14.3 and you want to update it to 14.4 rather than 14.5, you can do so using the advanced settings.

To perform an update using advanced settings:

  1. From the Deployments page, select the data service type you wish to edit.

  2. Find the list, select the data service you want to edit.

  3. From the Deployment details page, select the Edit button.

    Edit deployment button

  4. In the Version dropdown list, select a patch version that is available for update.

    Edit deployment window Version dropdown

  5. To select a specific build, select the Enable advanced settings option at the bottom of the window to expose the Build dropdown list.

    Edit deployment window Build dropdown

  6. Select Apply.

    PDS updates the deployment to the selected version and build.

Last edited: Thursday, Jan 26, 2023